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On behalf of Yoga=Union, I invite you to a yoga teacher community sangha on Sunday, November 22 at 3 pm. We may be distanced physically, but we still yearn to maintain connection through the beauty and positivity of yoga. In our recent questionnaire and in our conversations with many of you, we have found questions that only a collective gathering can begin to unpack and resolve:  

What has happened to the local yoga teaching community?

  • Some of us are working;  mostly through on-line platforms, very few in-person.
  • Many of us aren’t working and want to.
  • Many of us want to use our skills as yoga teachers to serve those who are in need.
  • Some of us who aren’t working won’t teach in-person until there is no risk of contracting the coronavirus.

What has happened to local yoga studios?

  • Few studios are thriving. 
  • Some have closed or are closing.
  • Most are struggling.

As we considered our current environment, our Yoga=Union team wondered  how we can support you and the local community in the midst of all this.

We agreed that the best approach is to stick with what we know – support of Washington, DC Metro region yoga teachers through community, conversation and sharing. In that spirit, we invite you to join us for an upcoming event – a facilitated Zoom conversation on Sunday, November 22 from 3 – 4:30 pm.  Our agenda includes:

  • An opening meditation with Kevin Waldorf-Cruz, a local yoga teacher who directed the Tranquil Space yoga training program for over 10 years.
  • Sharing of best practices for teaching in a pandemic by teachers who are making it work.
  • Sharing how the pandemic has changed teaching – from the way we interact with students, to the way it has affected our bodies, our teaching spaces, our income and small businesses.
  • Looking ahead to how we can continue  sharing and learning through our collaborative spirit at Yoga=Union.
  • A closing meditation.

Register for this free program here:

Our Yoga=Union team is excited and grateful for the opportunity to share time with you; to strengthen each other through our unique and similar experiences. We hope you can join us on Nov. 22.   Thank you and stay safe!

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