Now what?

I faced today what many, many teachers have already faced because of this virus.  The studio where I went back to teaching a month ago decided to place in-person classes on “hiatus.” Not many of our students were up to the trip into the studio. The mask wearing, performative temperature taking and cleansing routines are not necessary on Zoom. Live-streaming as a business model won out. So, goodbye ol’ tranquil place of ours.

What now for us yoga teachers? We know that the practice of yoga helps us heal as individuals, to find courage against pervasive fear, to calm our collective consciousness, to remember the truth about who we really are as individuals and as community.  To find joy, peace and well-being. We all need this practice now more than ever.

But in this pause, this moment of reflection and honesty, we see clearly that the dark flashes of intuition we had about our yoga community were spot on. What we had wasn’t really working. Modern postural yoga is too white, too privileged, too commodified.

Yoga=Union was founded in 2018 to create an in-person, safe space for developing our teaching skills, and to work towards real diversity and inclusion in our local yoga community.  Now is the time to reconsider how Yoga=Union should show up for teachers and the yoga community at large. What do you need to share this practice in the world? Where do you want your teaching practice to positively impact the needs of the world? Take a few moments to help our Board discover where our organization is called right now in this moment.  If a questionnaire is just too small a venue for your thoughts, please feel free to write me in the comments below and I will share your comments with the Board.

For my last class I included ardha chandrasana, half-moon pose, in my sequencing. In this pose there is that beautiful moment of buoyancy, when action is effortless, when we’re aware of the transcendent power within us. It is also a place of balance, between the dark and light, where we can clearly see a half and the whole, where the darkness is made visible. Imagine us, as a collective, fluidly moving towards balance. What motivates our effortless action? Where is the joy? What do we see in the darkness? What is whole?

We thank you for your help now and your participation in our work in the past. I wish you all the best in your work in the world.


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