Taking Yoga Journal to Task

Yoga=Union would like to call attention to a recent hurtful action by Yoga Journal.

Several weeks ago, the publication’s marketing team made a poor choice. It asked readers to choose the cover of an upcoming issue by placing – side by side – a photo of a white person and a photo of a person of color.

The caption was: “Of these two cover options, click the one you prefer.”

The yogis who posed for these photos have both expressed pain and anger. See:

https://bit.ly/2XClUiC https://www.instagram.com/p/BzGTDjQhOEU/

As teachers, we are called to help people heal the scars of trauma, and we have taken an ethical stance not to inflict trauma. We expect the mainstream journal representing our profession to live by the same guiding principles.

We are raising this today with our DC community because it is so important to listen with open hearts about how this is affecting teachers and students in our community.

Please also check out the FB and Instagram page of DC yoga studio owner and leader Faith Hunter, who has invited everyone to speak out: https://www.facebook.com/faithhunteryoga and

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