Setting Sail for Success

gordon plant tankerWhat once was a very small pond has now turned into a huge port of entry in our yoga community. More local studios and national corporations in our region are offering a wide diversity of yoga practices. More and more people are turning to the practice. You need to be savvy, beef up your business skills and look for the Blue Ocean in your own teaching practice and strategic visioning to be able to keep sailing along.

Uh, how do you do that AND teach all your classes, juggle private clients and their movable schedules, look out at a sea of new faces in your thanks to the furlough (to be followed by emptiness as the furlough continues) and roll out your own mat, take care of yourself and have a life?  And maybe hold down a day job?

Remember the first time you rolled out a mat and found downward facing dog? Do you remember how important it was to be in community those first few weeks and months — to hear the words of a wise teacher and the sound of fellow yogis breathing (and struggling) nearby? Community is just as important to building a strong and resilient teaching practice and small business.

You asked for us to develop a program around business building, so we’ve gathered an incredible group of local, national and international senior teachers, a studio owner and a tech entrepreneur who have learned to surf challenges and ride the opportunities inevitable changes in our profession will bring.  Join us!

Here are more details.

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