Take Your Teacher’s Seat

dingzeyu-li-773-unsplashAlmost every teacher training program begins with the concept of the teacher’s “seat.”  As we learn about teaching yoga to others, we learn about the use and misuse of our authority as a leader in our communities. And as we grow as teachers, we become more comfortable in our seat through sweat equity in our classes, working with different people and situations, and additional training.

But do we ever really want to become comfortable with power – because that is one meaning of authority: “the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience,” according to Merriam’s Webster dictionary. Perhaps we should begin our teacher training programs questioning power dynamics in our world and how these dynamics have been responsible for discord – not the union we seek as practitioners of yoga. Perhaps we should understand what we have swallowed whole and unquestioned about the power through the prism of race, class, gender, gender identity, education level, ability or economic status.

Yoga=Union’s primary purpose is to foster community by breaking down barriers, providing a safe space, and promoting diversity and inclusion among yoga teachers and practitioners. On September 30 from 2 – 4 pm at the Edgewood Arts Building in Northeast Washington, DC we will offer a safe place for teachers to begin at the beginning – wiping the mirror clean and examining the concepts of teacher’s seat, power and bias. This first training will be with Ajit Joshi, a professional diversity and communication’s trainer and yoga teacher.  Our hope is that this group will continue to meet throughout the year to discuss another prism of our diversity, each time with a facilitator well versed in the issues at hand.

Our goal is to begin to break open our teaching practice and our yoga community to let the light in. To break it open so that it is more inclusive, dynamic, and has the power that comes from true union – not from the tropes of duality that have pervaded our world.   This work will require the intense focus, compassionate heart and the courage of a warrior.  Are you in?

This session free for members. If you are a member and wish to attend this event, please email Meg Artley to RSVP.

For only $108 a year, yoga teachers receive three continuing education trainings in a twelve-month period.  If you wish to purchase a membership and register for this training, please click here.

If you wish to purchase only this continuing education workshop, the cost is $45.  Please use this link to register online. 


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